Guide – Profit Finder

This is the Profit Finder. When initialized, the tool will display as on the right. Using the orange search button will seek profitable spots on great buildings in your neighborhood, friends and guild lists (the first three tabs at the top, respectively). The fourth tab is the Watchlist and will be described later in this guide.

The search should run its course in 1-2 minutes or sooner.

Once complete, the list will show all profitable spots from that player list sorted by largest profit.

Individual entries in the list can be selected to collapse Profit Finder into Profit Finder – mini, for easier viewing. Selecting the down arrow in the top right corner of the window with return the tool to it’s full form.

The aforementioned Watchlist is for all of you guild hoppers and neighborhood watchers out there. Those of you placing one to several forge points on a building in anticipation of nabbing a profitable reward placement down the line. This tool is for you! Check this often so you never miss out on those rewards!

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