Guide – Plunder Finder

This is the Plunder Finder. Upon selection, this tool will appear as it does here to the right. Select the orange “Scan for Plunder” button at the top left to begin.

You should see it begin working immediately.

Once finished searching, the Plunder Finder displays a list of available plunder in your neighborhood. This list is filtered with hoodies having the greatest amount of resources to plunder at the top.

Selecting an individual from within the window will open a cascading list of that city’s plunderable buildings. Again, this list is arranged with those buildings containing the most resources at the top.

Further selection of one of the buildings will collapse the tool into the Plunder Finder mini, making it much easier to navigate while you plunder. Selecting the down arrow in the top right will return to the full Plunder Finder.

Note the pull down filter menu in the top right of the window. This allows you to filter buildings by the resources you desire most. Have fun!

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