About The Tools

FOE Power Tools are a toolset designed to streamline your Forge of Empires experience! This must have browser extension will bring hard to reach in-game data straight to you. Get an indepth view on what your city produces, how your space is utilized, how your military is produced, where you have invested forge points, your actual net worth and so much more. Check out the downloads page to get your extension now!

Power Tools Mission

The mission of FOE Power Tools is to provide FOE gamers with data, otherwise difficult or impossible to attain, in a manner that will allow users to make better and more efficient decisions in their cities. Our goal is not to provide raw data, but to translate that data into something extremely useful.

Power Tools Future

The Power Tools are only in their infancy. This already feature-rich set is soon to be joined by many more tools, all designed to bring maximum benefit to your city. As always, keep a close eye out for news on upcoming updates!