Introducing the FOE Power Tools

Power Tools features

We have released the first iteration of the Firefox and Chrome toolsets that many of you have heard the hype around. You can download the Power Tools here.

Included in the package is:

Profit Finder – Scan your neighborhood and friends lists for Great Building spots that will net you a profit.

Plunder Finder – Search through your neighborhood for available plunder.

Investments -A real-time view to see the forge points you have sitting on buildings that are locked for return.

Military Report – See what you can expect from your Alcatraz collections plus all the units have in inventory.

Battlegrounds – See who, from your guild, is fighting in GBG.

And More…

We are just getting started to release the features that we all wish we had to improve our Forge of Empires gameplay.

Stay tuned here for more updates.

New Feature: Plunder Finder

See an updated listing of all neighbors with buildings ready for plundering.

We’ve released new feature entitled, Plunder Finder, that will allow you to scan your Forge of Empires neighboring cities to identify buildings that are ripe for the plundering.

In addition to showing which resources are available, you can also see what military bonuses your potential opponent has for their defending army.

We can’t guarantee this will be good for diplomatic relations, but for you war lovin warlords out there, enjoy!

Find out more about Plunder Finder.

Power Tools – Limited Release

The FOE Power Tools are rolling out with a limited release.

Features that are part of this release:

  • Profit Finder – Look for Great Buildings that have profit available.
  • Plunder Finder – Find hoodies ready for plunder.
  • Investments – See all your invested Forge Points.
  • Incidents – See current and upcoming incidents in your city.
  • Battlegrounds – See who from your guild is actively fighting.
  • Military Report – Army unit inventory, military bonuses and Alcatraz estimations.
  • GVG Alerts – Setup Alerts on the GvG Map.